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Introducing Infini

Our new lightweight bottle

Drinking milk shouldn’t spoil our environment

It takes a whole lot of plastic, petrol and manpower to put milk in mouths around Australia and New Zealand every year, all of which can take their toll on the environment. The average Aussie gulps down 106 litres of white gold each year, with theKiwisnot far behind at 81 litres per annum. Here at Brickwood, we’ve discovered a simple solution to better protect Mother Nature: make milk bottles lighter.

Our new lightweight bottle

Imagine if every year, we could save over 20 000 trees, reduce energy usage by the equivalent of nearly two million homes and cause over 40 000 wheelie bins of solid waste to evaporate into thin air. This can be a reality with Infini.

Infini is our latest milk packaging innovation.It’s the lightest bottle in the Australian and New Zealand market place, which is why it won last year’s Dairy Innovations Award.We’re the kind of people who cry over spilt milk, so Infini doesn’t compromise strength for lightness. Our team has redesigned the bottle under an exclusive license with Nampak UK to fit both domestic supply chain requirements and consumers’ fridges. The proposed Infini range is available in 2 and 3 litre bottles.

Milk bottles don’t have to be heavy to be strong

Sure, the new Infini bottle can be up to 22 per cent lighter than any milk packaging products currently available, but it’s still made from the same HDPE (that’s high density polyethylene, for those not down with the lingo).As well as being durable, this also means it’scompletely recyclable. The geniuslies in the engineering and design, which enables us to create a bottle as light as a cloud and as strong as a rock.

Protecting both milk and the environment

The aim of Infini is to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible from bottle to bin. We have a neat little tool called PIQET (Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool) that calculates the environmental impact of milk bottles, from manufacturing raw materials and packaging conversion, through to landfill disposal and recycling.

If we replace our existing supply of milk bottles with the new Infini range, we’ll use 581 tonnes less resin than we do at present. That’s the equivalent in weight to around 150 fully-grown elephants, or 14 million regular 2-litremilk bottles.

We don’t compromise strength for lightness, or the environment for packaging.

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